About Stephanie

Stephanie – 10 years ago

As a little girl I remember playing school was my favorite. I love learning and I love helping.

Ten years ago, I was tasked with a project that changed my life. I was an academic advisor for the Early Childhood Education students at this time and the director of the Education Department challenged me to build an affordable class that could be accessed anywhere, anytime. (Remember, this was way before online classes were the norm!) Her vision was to hire a new child care provider, have them trained, and in the classroom within 24 hours. We we were told by the college administration that it couldn’t be done. Well, if you tell me it can’t, I will show you it can. I built an innovative online Pre-Service Training, got an A, and stephaniElearning was born.


In that ten years, the initial Eight Hour Pre-Service Training has evolved and so have I. I love seeing people succeed and I want to educate, inspire, and empower new child care providers, If you are a new employee in child care or looking for a job in child care, I want to help you in your new career. Take my pre-service training and I will give you the necessary tools, resources to support you in your daily teaching activities. If you are a director and choose my pre-service and/or annual training, I will make your days more productive and your life less stressful by facilitating quick and affordable training for your new employees. Contact me at stephwilk@live.com for more information or click here to start your training today.

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