Welcome to our homeschooling division.  We are launching a high school American Literature course.  The first two sections are now available for purchase.

Recommended but not required textbook

American Literature by Janice Campbell


This course is broken down into 5 units. It is both a study in literature and American history. Your child will learn what was happening during each time period and will read and write about the literature written in each period. If you take and complete all 5 units, you will be issued a Certificate of Completion for one (1) English credit.  (ENGLISH 3 – American Literature). Each Unit is $30 or you can buy the entire credit for $125.

I have a Master’s Degree in Education and a Bachelor’s Degree in English and I offer feedback on each student’s writing and will answer questions submitted via email (

UNIT 1 – Colonial Period  – (1607-1765)   – Study the history of the first settlements of Jamestown & Plymouth. Read and study the works of John Smith, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, William Bradford, and Anne Bradstreet. $30

UNIT 2 – Writing ProcessIn this unit, you will identify and use the three steps in the writing process. You will learn what a mind map is and how to build one. Finally, you will use Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography as a writing model and write a chapter in your own autobiography. This lesson gives you all the resources and tools you need to write papers in MLA format for this class and college. $30

UNIT 3 – Revolutionary Period (1765-1815) – UNDER CONSTRUCTION 

UNIT 4 – National Expansion Period (1815-1837) – UNDER CONSTRUCTION 

UNIT 5 – Concord Writers (1837-1861) -UNDER CONSTRUCTION 

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