Eight Hour Pre-Service  Child Care Training meets Minimum Standards and is now compatible with all mobile devices. Take your State Mandated Eight Hour Pre-Service Training on the go, in your home or in the classroom. Click the picture below to purchase the course for $30 and begin your training immediately and receive your certificate shortly after completing the course.  Train today – be ready to work tomorrow and meet the Minimum Standards of Texas with a Texas Registered Trainer.

Be sure to click the Return to stephaniElearning link after paying. If you have any questions or problems registering or progressing through the course, please contact me at or (806) 410-0947.

Already have your username and password? Click here to begin.


I have finished building the additional 16 hours of pre-service training to meet the new State Minimum Standards requirements . All active courses are available for purchase on the left and right hand sides of the screen.

These courses meet the Pre-Service Requirements or Annual Training Requirements and Professional Development according to Section 746.1301 under “What training must I ensure that my employees have” in the Minimum Standards for Child-Care Centers

Value of Play – 2 Hours

In this course you will learn the definition, characteristics, types, importance, benefits and your role in play. You will learn activities to bring more play into your classroom. $10

Health & Safety: Handwashing – 2 Hours

In this course you will be learn the importance of washing hands and when you and children should wash your hands. You will learn proper hand washing techniques. Finally, you will learn to identify some common communicable or contagious diseases. $10

Strategies and Ethics for New Teachers – 2 Hours

In this lesson you will learn fundamental ethical principles. You will learn important tips for starting out in the teaching field and tips to increase competence. Finally, you will learn to recognize and deal with stress. $10

The Little Things – Teacher/Child Interaction – 2 Hours

 In this lesson you learn the necessary components needed for a child to have a good day at school.  You will learn the importance of daily routines, schedules, separation anxiety, attachment, napping, feeding, and personal hygiene.$10

Discipline &  Self-Regulation NOT Punishment – 2 Hours

 In this lesson, you will learn the importance of discipline and self-regulation. You will be able to differentiate between discipline, self-regulation and punishment. This lesson introduces you to the different areas of the brain that can control our emotions. You will learn techniques to identify your own emotions and learn to calm yourself where you can guide children to do the same type of self-regulation. $10

Discipline and the Power of  Perception  – 2 Hours

 In this lesson, you will learn the how your perceptions affect how you discipline children.  You will learn to identify your predisposed perceptions and how they influence the discipline of children. You will learn the difference between traditional discipline and conscious discipline. Finally, you will learn techniques to identify how you look at the world and how that influences your interactions with children. $10

Discipline and the Power of  Unity  – 2 Hours

 In this lesson, you will learn how important it is to teach rather than control children. You will be able to identify the differences between teaching and controlling.  You will also learn the difference between individualism and unity. You will learn the importance of connecting with others and the world. You will learn how to guide with love rather than fear. $10

Discipline and the Power of Attention  – 2 Hours

 In this lesson, you will learn the importance of attention. You will learn the skills needed to refocus your attention when you lose control of yourself. $10

Welcome to my E-learning site.  What is stephaniElearning?  Well let’s begin with the first half – Stephanie – that’s me, an instructional designer, educator and business woman who focuses on the second part E-learning.

E-learning is electronic learning which means you can sit right where you are and learn. No need to drive to a local college to get state required continuing education hours. Look here for many offerings specifically Child Care courses at this time.

What is different about stephaniElearning?

  1. One-on-one consultation and individualized customer service.
  2. I can offer you individualized training opportunities.
  3. You can take what you want 24/7 at an affordable price.
  4. As an experienced mother, educator, and business woman, I have the experience to sufficiently train you and your staff.
  5. I offer courses to meet state mandated standards. You can hire an employee and have them in the classroom eight hours later.
  6. Instructor and affiliate of Amarillo College.

Check out the current courses available.  If what you are looking for is not listed, let’s talk about developing it. Your needs are my business. I am currently offering the Texas State Mandated 8 Hour Pre-Service Training, 16 Hour Pre-Service and Annual Training for child care providers. Join the hundreds that have taken the course and joined the ranks of early childhood educator. Begin today and start work tomorrow.

You can contact me at (806) 410-0947 or by email

Visit me on facebook for tips and tools and join in on the conversation

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