Sunday – What are you doing?

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Don’t waste your Sundays.

Are you dreading Monday?  Well let’s start this week off different.

  • Plan some evening fun. Sunday evening is TV night for us with cookies.  It has been a family tradition for several years.  When Walking Dead is in season, that is our go-to. Make Sundays something special. My 17 year still looks forward to the baked dessert.
  • Spend a few hours planning your Monday.  Don’t spend all your Sunday working but mentally prepare yourself for Monday. Have things in order to start your workweek. You will be less stressed if you aren’t running around looking for things Monday morning. Prepare your lunches for Monday on Sunday night. For managers and leaders, give yourself a leg up and plan for your week. Don’t stress out Monday morning determining what you expect from your staff Monday morning. Have a plan and be ready to execute it first thing Monday morning.  Teachers, have your lesson plans ready Sunday night and make for a less stressful week.

Prep is key. The more your have done, the less stressed each day of your week is.  Happy Sunday and let Monday be a great morning rather than a dreaded day.

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