What is our purpose?


I sit here reflecting on the last couple of months and think “Why are we here? What is our purpose?” 2018 has already been a very challenging year and a year of not understanding WHY bad things happen.

It is a chance for growth – sure I get that but why does a young lady of 37 lie in the hospital from a stroke and brain bleed with no hopes of coming out of it? Well it’s not over yet – Prayer is a powerful tool! She was simply working out and taking care of herself and now her life is over. She lays there non-responsive as her family is left to pick up the pieces. Is God taking her because she has done her part on earth or is taking her a trial to make someone else grow? Oh the things we do not know and won’t know until we meet our heavenly father one day.

I pray that everyone take a minute today and ask yourself, “Are you living the life God meant for you? Are you living to your potential? Are you giving back to the people around you?” The breath you take right now may be your last. Live life with no regrets for we are not guaranteed tomorrow.

I continue to pray and ask you to pray for my brother-in-law’s niece, that there may be divine intervention and I pray if that is not HIS will that good comes from her death and her family finds strength in HIM that knows all.



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