Are you a bully or a victim?

Two boys fighting isolated in white
Are you the Bully or the Victim







Hopefully you are neither a bully or a victim but I bet you knew a few growing up and may be dealing with children in your care that are showing the signs of a bully or victim.  Do you understand how bullies and victims are created? Do you ever wonder how massive shootings can happen in the schools of our great nation?  We as teachers and child care providers can help prevent this from happening. You ask – how? First the years of zero to three are critical in social and relationship development. If a child does not feel loved or connected, they become ostracized. Some become bullies and others are the victim.  It is a vicious cycle.

I came across this video How to Make Bully by Dr. Becky Bailey today. It shows the journey of a baby becoming a bully/victim.  Take a few minutes in your busy day to learn the signs and hopefully break the cycle.


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