Hiring Good-Fit Child Care Providers and Pre-School Teachers

Have you given any thought to why some employees stay and some jump ship before you have finished their new hire paperwork?

Hiring qualified people is important but hiring people with the matching personality for the center and the children is the real key. Someone may have a degree in teaching but really dislike children or the routine children demand. Does the prospective new teacher share your values and philosophy and add to your groups strengths? Or do they have a totally different philosophy that may bring turmoil and drama to the teaching staff? I have found doing a personality test gave me tons of information about myself and what types of careers match that personality and what my strengths and weaknesses are. Administering this type of test may give you some insight to your prospective employees. It is an investment upfront but may save you the investment in training and paperwork. Spend $20 today and have a better chance of hiring the “right” employee for your particular center. I myself am an ENFP (Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving). After taking the test, I realized why I struggle with jobs that are redundant. I like spontaneity and new things so doing a job that consists of the same everyday will leave me frustrated and looking for a new job quickly. Knowing what your prospective employees value and want in life will help you hire and retain compatible employees. ENFPs are (Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging) are listed as the Teacher. Here are some articles to help you with your interview and hiring process. Want to learn more about personality types? Get your free guide today to help you know who you are hiring.

Once you have hired your employees, I can help you train them and meet minimum standards for child-care centers according to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. According to the minimum standards, new employees are required to take an initial Eight Clock Hours of Pre-Service and another 16 hours within the first 90 days of employment. I am a registered trainer with the Texas Trainer Registry.

You are probably asking yourself:

“Why should I buy your product?”

“What do you have that other trainers don’t?”

“Is it affordable?”

“Will it meet licensing requirements?”

“What is so special about your course?”

Thanks for asking. I developed the initial pre-service training course when the eight hour mandated pre-service requirement was initiated in 2007 and have been offering it ever since. I am one of the very first you will find on Google when you search “Eight Hour Pre-Service” because I have been doing this for a while so I have learned a few things. Here are the highlights.

What can I provide you?

  1. 24/7 access to all training which frees you up to do what needs to be done around the center instead of training new employees all the time.
  2. Immediate access to all courses.
  3. Personal customer service. You will never get a message saying “Press 1 for this” or “Press 2 for that.” You will talk to me, the owner/operator/designer/teacher.
  4. Affordable, State of the Art courses that work on all electronic devices including computers, iPhones, iPads, Androids and Tablets.
  5. Place to come together and discuss child care and child development issues.
  6. Certified trainer with experience in Career Planning and Master’s Degree in Education – Instructional Technology.
  7. Individual or Bulk Purchases

Let me help you train your staff.

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Send me an email at stephwilk@live.com if you would like to purchase in bulk or have any questions.

Or get started training today and purchase the 24 Hour Pre-Service for our Blog Special $99.

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