Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect: Conscious Discipline – Series (Day 3)


Today I sit here thinking about how many children suffer abuse and neglect and my own struggles as a parent.  How many of us stress because the bills need to be paid and there just isn’t enough to make ends meet? Have you suffered from losing a job and don’t know how you are going to make it or you just had a really bad day at work and want to be alone? Unfortunately as parents and caregivers we don’t always have that chance to be alone and cope with whatever is going on.  We have babies crying or toddlers tugging at us wanting something or teenagers arguing that we just don’t understand.  These everyday life challenges can add up and cause us to lose control. We must learn to take care of ourselves and learn to stay calm and carry on.

I have found myself struggling with this lately so I am going to reflect back on some techniques I have learned and share them with you.  We are only able to model positive behavior if we live it.

Dr. Becky A. Bailey can transform your life with the Seven Powers for Self-Control. Learning these Seven Powers and sharing with other parents will help us be better parents and caregivers and reduce the chances of losing control and abusing children in any way – physically or emotionally.  Take the time to watch her first video on the Power of Perception.  How do you perceive the world around you?  Unfortunately for me, I often perceive it in a negative way which breeds negativity.  I get in a slump and need to watch these videos from time to time.  So join me on the journey. I want you to watch this video and recognize how powerful our perception of situations are and how we can learn to become conscious of our pre-determined perceptions.



Are you working in a conscious state or are you on auto-pilot?  I personally find myself working on auto-pilot most of the time because I simply react to situations.

I like Dr. Bailey’s statement “No one can make me angry without my permission.” That doesn’t seem possible.  Terrible traffic, an angry boss, screaming children all seem to be factors that can “make” us angry but it is all about our perception.  If we can move our perception from negative to positive we will find ourselves getting angry less and less likely to lose control and abuse children physically or emotionally.  Many of us would never think of hitting a child physically but how many of us may harm children with our negative words?  According to Dr. Bailey, “How we see a child dictates whether we will be helpful or hurtful to them and ourselves.”  If we see that child that bites everyday as a heathen, that is how we will treat him.

Do you find yourself swallowing or tightening in your throat or chest, holding your breath, loss of energy, inability to focus, use humor or sarcasm, knowing you are RIGHT. Then you are losing control.

Tips as we have learned these last few days, include catching yourself and TAKING DEEP BREATHS. These actions give you a chance to see your perception and a chance to change your response from reacting to responding.

We must break cycles of abuse and the first step is to become conscious of what are perceptions and feelings are.

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