Why do we “perceive” toddlers are acting so badly?

A couple of days ago we talked about our power of perception.  This is a prime example of how our perception makes us reaction.

According to an article shared from Positive Parenting Solutions, “Toddlers have a reputation for temper tantrums and other trying behaviour — but the reason parents get frustrated is because they believe their children should be able to behave a certain way that, in fact, they really aren’t capable of doing.”

Take a few minutes and read the article:

Preschoolers behaving badly? It’s completely normal, says clinical counsellor

Click HERE to listen to a counselor’s reasons why toddlers act as they do.

We must learn coping mechanisms for dealing with these “bad” toddlers.  First we must know that it is NORMAL. As I tell myself, it is NORMAL for my 16 year old to roll his eyes and snap at me.  They are both still learning.  They are pushing their boundaries and exploring.

I have plenty more to write but no more time in the day.  Until tomorrow,




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