Are you fallible?


What a message from Simon Sinek today, “Work hard to seem infallible and others will work to find our flaws. Admit our shortcomings and others will work to help us be infallible.”  

Don’t we all want to post all of what we are doing “right” on Facebook.  We spend our lives trying to paint this picture perfect world we live in when in reality it is full of dirt – dirty diapers, dirty dishes, and dirty laundry.  That is the reality and we are all fallible – yes including that momma that looks like she has it all together – all the time. Let’s admit when we are wrong and don’t have it together and help each other when someone is having a difficult time.

My world definitely isn’t picture perfect – we are fighting allergies and viruses that have left my son with an enlarged spleen taking him out of what he loves for the next 4 to 6 weeks. People, God has a way of putting on the breaks and putting us where we need to be and where He wants us to be. My son and I were headed out for 10 days of competition but it ended after day 1 with an trip to the ER. Thank God there were no injuries since he blacked out on the horse running 30 miles an hour. Somehow his trusty steed took care of him and brought him across the finish line safely. Then Momma had to step in and say, “You’re done – we are going to the doctor. This is NOT normal!” So here we all together at home where I really wanted to be anyway. I needed the time to focus on family and business this week so I am focusing on what you need as a community of followers.

We are all in this together. What are you struggling with this week? What are your flaws?  Let me tell you I have many.  First, I am a control freak that thinks my way is the only way. Anyone else out there like that?  Hey you are in great company. We should do lunch sometime.

Well I gotta run now, my sick 16 year old finally woke up so off to make some chicken noodle soup.  It’s good for the soul – right?



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I am an educator in every facet of my life. I teach early childhood education in the classroom and online as well as develop online training and professional development for employers. I also teach homeschoolers literature and homeschool my 17 year old son who graduates in May.

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