Are you living the dream?

Our visions are only actionable if we say them out loud. If we keep our dreams to ourselves, they will remain a figment of our imagination. – Simon Sinek

Do you know what your dreams are or are you caught up in the day to day stress of life?  I challenge you to sit down and think for a few minutes about what you really want out of life?  Think back to when you were a little girl or boy and what did you say you wanted to be when you grew up?  Did it come true? Was it really what you wanted to do?

I have had several dreams in my life. I prayed for the opportunity  to start a business of my own and I was laid off a couple of years ago so my part-time online training became the reality of my dream.  It is scary though going from a great job to self-employed but here I am and loving the opportunity – most of the time – the rest of the time I am scared to death like I am sure many are that dive into this world.

What I love most is helping people. I love the phone calls when someone needs help and I can lead them to the training needed for a new job or career. Teaching young children and homeschooling our own children is such a rewarding and important job. I hope you love it and it is your dream job. What do you want your dream day to look like – say it out loud.  Shout it out here! Let’s share our thoughts and help each other make our dreams come true.

Every time I see someone has read a post on my Facebook, opened my email, or made a purchase, I think- “Yay! I ‘m getting there one click at a time!”  I am a long way from reaching the goal of making what I did with the “regular” job but I am living the dream of working from home and homeschooling my own child. Time flies by fast enough – I can’t imagine being stuck in an office away from my child everyday.

Money does not necessarily mean success. I see many people making plenty of money but not living their dream. Join me in the journey to following your dreams. I have started working through the program Discover your Why by Simon Sinek. That is who all my inspirational quotes have come from lately.  Are you interested in finding out what makes you tick and what your dreams really look like?  Send me an email at with the subject line “I’m Ready!”  Tell me a little bit about yourself and we will get started on this journey together.

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I am an educator in every facet of my life. I teach early childhood education in the classroom and online as well as develop online training and professional development for employers. I also teach homeschoolers literature and homeschool my 17 year old son who graduates in May.

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  1. Well, my name is felistus currently following my dream to becoming a Registered Nurse (RN). I work at a daycare during the day when i’m not in school then afterwords go to a 2nd job where i work as an assistant manager.

    • Congrats on your new adventure of becoming an RN – both professions are about giving to others. We had some great nurses this weekend in the Emergency Room. They made the time fly by. Good luck with your schooling.

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