If Tomorrow Never Comes – Week 2 – Texas Panhandle Heroes

Wildfire Grows Rapidly In California's Lake County

It is with great sadness that loss seems to be my topic the last couple of weeks. Our family and communities have suffered such great losses of life and property that I find myself focused only on news clips of the latest wildfire that has engulfed the lives of four young men and women in our community.

Tomorrow seems to be a treasured commodity around the Texas Panhandle and many other parts including Oklahoma and Kansas this week. I am saddened for the parents, that don’t have tomorrow with their sons and daughters. Flames have engulfed much of our property and livestock and most importantly human life. In what seems like a living hell, I have seen God. People from all over the country have come together and supported each other.  I have seen 3 young men and one young lady give their lives to save their livestock, ranches, and family. It amazes me that a man of twenty years old, Cody Crockett, had touched so many lives – one being my own 16 year old son. I watched today and my little boy left to go to a funeral of such a young man. It is humbling. I still see my three year old in those eyes and he is a young man going to offer support to his cowboy friends that lost one of their own this week.

Heroes – as parents and educators of young people, we are raising heroes – kind, loving, human beings that would die to save what they love. Teach the little people to love each other, themselves, and help each other.  That is what I have seen in these days of such tragedy.  People coming together for the common good.  There is still good in America.  We focus so much on all the evil and bad that sometimes we lose sight of the good in humanity.  Just visit the areas affected by the wildfires and you will see it in action. There are donation centers in nearly every place you shop. We are Texas Strong.

In only 20 years, Cody Crockett touched more lives than many of us in our 40 years on earth.  He is an inspiration to many. He lived his life to the fullest everyday and chased every dream.  I challenge you to do the same. Don’t live scared and afraid to do what you love. Tomorrow may never come so take the bull by the horns and ride your ride!

Prayers to the friends and family of all those that lost life and property in the wildfires.




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  1. Its true, lets live and do right by ourselves and others because as you said, tomorrow may never come. I pray that the families find peace in their heart too.

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