Sorry it has been a while since I posted here at stephaniElearning. I have been blessed with a business opportunity that works well with what we are doing here at stephaniElearning. Our mission at stephaniElearning is to inspire you to be the best teacher, childcare provider, and parent you can be and that we provide the resources to do it. Well I have been given another tool in my arsenal in the form of a nutritional regimen that fills in all your nutritional gaps. I have experienced this for myself for the last 3 months and am amazed at how I feel and the energy I now have. I challenge each of you to try the Eight Week Experience for yourself. You will be amazed at the new you which is simply the best version of the person you are. I challenge you to try it.

I have gone from drinking diet cokes all day long to drinking one every couple of days – if that!  I went from, “I’m not a morning person” – to focused and ready to work diligently at 8 AM.  Ask any of my family, I am not THAT person but I am now. Thrive has changed my life and it can do the same for you. In addition to changing how you feel – rested, energized, happy – there is a new weight management (loss) product that comes out Thursday that helps put your body get into metabolic state of ketosis to burn fat storage. Are you ready to feel and look your best? I am.   Visit my website at ridewithsteph.le-vel.com and sign up for a free customer account today.





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I am an educator in every facet of my life. I teach early childhood education in the classroom and online as well as develop online training and professional development for employers. I also teach homeschoolers literature and homeschool my 17 year old son who graduates in May.

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