What does success look like?

When I have thought about success in the past, I thought of it as everything going right and everything looking great. Well today proved otherwise. My son qualified for the showcase in three separate events only to find his horse lame this evening.  My son not only had to deal with a hurt horse, he had to listen to the negative words of us telling him he should have had a back-up horse ready by now.  We even heard that he “might as well pack it up and leave.” No that was not an option. Success comes from doing. He started the first event, shotgun with the back-up horse that’s not quite ready but he was determined to give her a try against our better judgment.  Did he win? No, but he tried and you can’t build confidence and be successful if you don’t try. Then he borrowed a generous soul’s horse and ran his second run, rifle. Once again, he went in with the odds against him and made a good run but not good enough to win the money.  Most would have given up at that point but he had one more shot to make some money on the event, The Eliminator, where the biggest paycheck was. He was in the top spot going into this final so he was the last one to run. Lo and behold every contestant went out and missed a target.  He watched patiently for his turn as the World Champion ahead of his missed a balloon too. So when it was Ethan’s turn, he quietly walked out in the arena. Chose his path and made a choice  to act. He decided to hit his targets rather than run a record time. People in the sport run their mouths saying he took the safety and how easy it was for anyone to win that way. Well guess what? No one else won. He was brave enough to overcome his obstacles and act. He did not hide. He did not quit and he walked away the big money winner. It was all a choice. No he didn’t win everything he could but he was successful. Success is overcoming the hurdles and obstacles laid before you. He hopes and prays his trusty steed will be sound in the morning as he enters the arena for his final main match stage where he is currently winning the overall. But win or lose he will have played the game with all his heart and soul. I personally wish I would be as strong as my 17 year old that loves his horse and cares only for her well-being. In his eyes, a win is not worth the chance of hurting his teammate and his friend.  Kuddoes to this young man for a job well done and a lesson in success.

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