Confidence requires action

Wednesday night’s message was about crossing the bridge to live with Christ. Today started with a couple of disappointments and lots of prayer. At least it seemed like a disappointment. My son was competing and got outrun by a second on one event and missed a target on another event. It seemed like the end of the world at the time after I had prayed for clean, fast runs. Of course, God always has a plan and once again it didn’t come easy for Ethan but you know what he did. He said, “I just have to make it up on the next run.”  Isn’t that what we all need to do. When things don’t go right, 5-4-3-2-1 and try again. He ended up winning a check and coming back for the showcase in all three events. What started out as an awful morning ended in Thanksgiving at Cowboy Church. God always has a plan but if we quit and drown in self-doubt we won’t have our eyes open to see the plan fulfilled. Ethan, because of my own doubting was down on himself but it didn’t stop him. He saddled up, made a plan and followed through to rock the rest of the day. We can all learn something from this seventeen year-old. Suck it up buttercup and start doing. With every success comes more confidence and with confidence comes more success.


“Confidence is the willingness to try.  Actions build confidence. Self-doubt is the decision NOT to try. Has a series of actions that impact your happiness and success. Self-doubt paralyzes you. Worried about things that you take not action. Busy thinking of what can go wrong that you take no action.

Don’t think the secret is your mindset.  Believe heart of confidence begins with what you do. It’s okay to feel afraid and STILL take action. Stop thinking and you try you see yourself moving forward. Action breaks the trap of self-doubt. If you have a problem that can be solved with action – you don’t have a problem.”  Everything can be solved with action. You are stuck in a trap – the ONLY solution is action.  Thinking positive won’t solve anything. Thinking positive isn’t going to make you more money only action is.  Depression can’t be solved by thinking positively.  Learn how to recognize the trap and how to take action. Change your behavior your belief in self will follow.  Starts with action.

Traps of self-doubt

Feeling makes you doubt yourself and you take action based on that feeling.

  1. Hiding
  2. Hesitation
  3. Act Helpless
  4. Hyper Critical


  1. Got to recognized the trap
  2. Break cycle and take action



When you do things actively to protect yourself. The real you doesn’t show up. You don’t’ say what you want.  Wedding photographer – client keeps asking for more prints after agreed to pay price for one book.  When you want to say something and you don’t. Recognize it and say something.

Show up and speak up. You have to recognize you are hiding or avoiding sales calls or people.  Only solution is action. You cannot think your way out of it.


See this with us all the time.  We worry about people talking about us or ruining our name. Have been guilty of this with Ethan. Having him redo things for free in fear of bad feedback.  Need to recognize if we really owe the customer anything or not.


54321 – take action – This is terrifying for those of us that hide. Any day that you have to show up and tell them you aren’t going to work or make the phone call that is the day you are cleaning toilets.


When you recognize you are hiding-  it is no longer a trap it is a choice. I have noticed this one all week.  I recognized what I am doing and choose to stay there.  I know I am doing it and feel better that I realize I am consciously sabotaging my progress. I am happy that I am recognizing it and not walking around on autopilot.  I am consciously making choices even though they aren’t the best ones at times. Consciously deciding to be fully in the moment with my son even if that means working late at night like I am now. Consciously leaving the computer at the trailer and picking it up when I am more focused on the task.
I have consciously hit the snooze button this week because I am tired and have not had enough sleep. I hear Mel’s voice 54321 – get up but really am exhausted and okay with the fact that I know I am doing it and calculate what is not going to get done by sleeping another hour.  After listening to Mel’s earlier speech on sleep patterns, I tried to set my alarm for a minimum of 1 hour.  I try for 1.5 if I am going to hit the snooze so I get that full cycle of sleep and don’t wake up groggy.  Everything is a choice in this life – good or bad. Are you consciously making the choices.  I know I have a ton more work to do and I am on a role.  It is midnight and I am physically and emotionally drained after a full day of competition.  I will watch a couple stages, go reward myself with a new haircut and come back and watch two more stages tomorrow afternoon.  Supporting others is important.


We will talk about hesitation tomorrow.

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