How to be Successful

What makes us successful? It is simple –  quit thinking and start acting. What are you waiting for? I have been guilty of this for years.  I have literally been paralyzed with my thoughts and big plans. I have had great ideas and dreams but overthink everything I do. Have you been there – waiting for it to be perfect? Well guess what, it’s not going to be perfect and you NEVER will be ready. Our brain is wired to protect us from the unknown and taking action. You must trick your brain and act to reach your goals and dreams.  Stop planning and waiting for the perfect time and start doing. Self-doubt is lack of action. Confidence is built by doing.

How are you going to act today? What have you always wanted in your life, your family, your career? Well only YOU can make it happen. There are coaches out there that can help you begin the process but it is up to you to 5-4-3-2-1 and launch yourself out of bed and launch yourself through every 5 second decision of the day.  According to Mel Robbins, life is full of 5 second decisions and every decision changes your life.

You didn’t gain that 20 pounds overnight. It was one decision at a time whether your realized it or not. You subconsciously chose to eat that extra roll at supper. You are living life on autopilot doing whatever feels good at the time or avoiding any of the hard stuff.  I am guilty as charged. After reading the book, The Five Second Rule, I am still making some bad choices but I am conscious of them now. Mel is always in my head so now everything I do is a choice. We have the choice to eat that piece of cake or not. We have the choice to put on our running shoes and make that mile walk this morning. If you are not doing anything to get in shape or lose weight, you are choosing to be overweight and unhappy. Inaction is action.  When you find yourself struggling with the desert bar, “5-4-3-2-1 -Healthy” and grab a piece of fruit or nothing at all.

Life is full of 5 second choices.  Start acknowledging that each one is a choice and you will be amazed at what changes!  Check out Mel’s book, The Five Second Rule for more tips.

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