What’s important in choosing child care

In my research of all business, I am finding a common theme – Relationships. Nothing else matters more than the relationships you build with people. The most pristine building and state of the art equipment cannot replace how you make people feel. Parents need to know they can trust their children to you and that you will love and nurture them. That is key to a successful business. You as a child care provider solve the problem. What is a parent’s problem – that they cannot be there to nurture and love their child through the day because they have other obligations. This issue of Early Childhood Chronicle has an article titled 5 Must Ask Questions For Parents In Search Of The Best Early Childhood Program. As a parent it will help you choose an early childhood program. As a provider or director, it will give you insight to what is important when parents are looking for chld care. Enjoy today’s newsletter – Early Childhood Chronicle and let me know any additional topics you would like to read about.


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I am an educator in every facet of my life. I teach early childhood education in the classroom and online as well as develop online training and professional development for employers. I also teach homeschoolers literature and homeschool my 17 year old son who graduates in May.

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