Power of the Snooze Button

snooze you lose

Did you know hitting or not hitting the snooze button can change change your life?  I didn’t know that the snooze button was sabotaging my life until I started reading The 5-Second Rule by Mel Robbins. I started this morning on Facebook with a little survey.  Click Here to take it yourself.  Did you know every time you hit the snooze button you stall your productivity by 4 hours because it takes that long for your brain to wake up? Crazy isn’t it.  We think getting 15 more minutes of sleep is helpful when in fact it is killing us.   Think about it, how do you feel after that extra 15 minutes of sleep compared to how you felt when you woke up the first time?  Are you as alert? NO!!! Your brain is still in the sleep cycle that you recreated when you hit the snooze and went back to sleep.

I was the girl that hit snooze every 15 minutes for an hour. Guess what?  I was more sleepy after the “extra” hour of sleep than I was when I woke up the first time. The medical term is “sleep inertia” That means no action. It makes us immovable. Quit sabotaging your life and just get up.  Mel has a trick.  When you alarm goes off, start counting – 5 – 4- 3- 2- 1 and launch yourself out of bed.  It’s that simple.  Believe me it works.  Then I started setting my alarm 15 minutes earlier every day.  Now I am getting things done 2 hours earlier.

We all have goals and big plans. We have people depending on us to be alert and productive.  Are you that person? Or the Walking Dead Zombie walking through the doors this morning. Just try it tomorrow and let me know how it works for you.  In the meantime.  Watch Mel’s video and let her explain it to you.


What can you do with a refreshed brain? Break the habit of hitting the snooze button and share with me how it is working for you.



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