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I am an educator in every facet of my life. I teach early childhood education in the classroom and online as well as develop online training and professional development for employers. I also teach homeschoolers literature and homeschool my 17 year old son who graduates in May.

Why is training important?

Training is a chance for teachers and directors to expand their knowledge base and learn tools to deal with the challenges they face everyday. It is a tough time all across the country but especially in Texas as our centers face the disaster of Harvey and the shooting in Sutherland Springs. Teachers, parents, children need…

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What does success look like?

When I have thought about success in the past, I thought of it as everything going right and everything looking great. Well today proved otherwise. My son qualified for the showcase in three separate events only to find his horse lame this evening.  My son not only had to deal with a hurt horse, he…

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